About us

Light Stone Factory is an industry leader in Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) products. With a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and craftsmen. We have been superior in delivering quality GRC products and services such as installation of GRC domes, brackets, screens, panels, pergolas, columns and motifs for private villas, mosques and shopping centers across the UAE & Sultanate of Oman. Managed and operated by a synergetic team of individuals that hold a record of successful business ventures in the UAE since 2004. 

Light Stone Factory is a force to be reckoned within the market. Client service excellence is what we strive for and each project is an opportunity for us to turn our client’s vision into a reality. We offer a full scheduling and design service on all types of the GRC products and a shortened lead time on standard designs.

Light stone factory occupies an area 23660 m2 of the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones area. This includes the equipment and machines and supplies sophisticated work was most recently the development of a sophisticated Super automatic line achieves the highest levels of quality, technology and reduces the error and waste of time and materials rate.


The Factory Management also focused slit marketing and customer services through sales distribution centers throughout the state of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Western region of Ras Al Khaimah and the allocation of a companion of a team of delegates and observers. Events and a special section for the follow-up customers even after the completion of the supply.

The contracted projects variety of private housing projects and investment buildings and other services projects and buildings that are designed for the best specialists by designer. Depending on the various designs taken from the ancient cultural heritage of mankind of the Islamic era and the Arab Renaissance and before that Romania civilizations and ancient Greek. 


Excellent Light Stone factory produces world-class stone. Subject to quality control and durability tests of the best centers and continuously League. These stones include a special material to give high quality and hardness. Where concrete mixtures with added chemicals studied quantity. According to generally accepted international standards. In addition to the colored materials to suit the customer’s wishes and plans of the municipalities.


Light Stone Factory continuously achievements devoted her all the possibilities and capabilities according to a deliberate action plans for follow-up and supervision of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in both Abu Dhabi and Alain.


Our factory is distinguished by modern designs that caters all of your taste and innovations that make your home a masterpiece that attracts attention. Our factory has a cadre of skilled engineers, designers and technicians to follow up the implementation and achieve everything we hope for in reality.